Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

They are about ‘police turn maid’ or ‘maid turn police’. I don’t know but as I can say they are looking good complement each other. That what Marc had done to his latest Louis Vuitton fall 2011 collection. I love this collection so much. Very much. It is all about taking the maid to the high-end level. You can’t longer close your eyes when talking about your maid but please be careful with them. They can turn become your fashion enemy. Marc is genius. Taking the inspiration of maid uniform become something we can adore even all the socialites after this will look like maid but they will look an expensive maid. They thing that I like in this collection is the big shoulder that Marc had. Whether it is not new from him but it still look a strong structure to the overall impact of the suit. Enhance with it, the using of rounded collared which make it strange appearance but it still relevant and acceptable when we are talking about fashion which has no boundary.Kate Moss as the finale makes me scream myself. Perfect! Nothing lack from her: attitude, persona, style, and charisma. She absolutely completes the day. Who say famous persons are boring? She trying to bring back her old story with the cigarette but I look it as a total story behind the show that written by Marc that day.Story with black, mystery, passion and temptation are all blend into one under a roof.The set was amazing with black plaid marble stage and the old style elevator at the center which make it as a perfect cinematography for the show.Marc Jacobs experience lot types of fabric in this collection but still showing the continuousness of the overall design. He knows how to control the using all of the fabrics including fur-it must because it fall winter. One element that I like in this collection is about police cap style which make this collection looking weird but this will awesome for a real fashionista. The shoes and bags are all conventional but it makes us feel that want we want.

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