Wednesday, June 20, 2012

june's most beautiful

she is only 22 years old but had been renowned as world's most paid actress! amazing. surely will become even bigger than now, she is currently the new face of Hollywood starlet which get rises day by day.

Kristen Stewart the daughter of John  Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart who also work in the media field is an ordinary girl at the beginning. however her petal is blossom each day since her break the wall of fame when playing a role as Bella Swan in Twilight which is based on Stephan Mayer bestselling vampire romance novel same titled as the film. her acting carrier not stop even then, she playing a variety role in variety kind of movie.

despite the mixed review with some critics about her acting ability in that film, her persona still can be fell through the film which make her appearance become worldwide sensational. Robsten phenomena which born by her relationship with her beau Robert Pattinson who also her co-star in Twilight franchise make them become among the hottest couple in Hollywood. 

like her carrier, her style also grow instantly. her boyish style is trademark for daily attire choices. she often can be seen in her converse shoes even though with glamorous feminine gown. when it come to her media event she also like to mixed up her boyish trademark style with some sort of feminine side which make her look quiet unique and make her so special. her true to her style without abandon need of variety style with a little bit of girly taste make her aura and beauty become noticed by her fan and admitted by her haters around the world. 

she is the face of June's Most Beautiful.