Wednesday, June 20, 2012

june's most beautiful

she is only 22 years old but had been renowned as world's most paid actress! amazing. surely will become even bigger than now, she is currently the new face of Hollywood starlet which get rises day by day.

Kristen Stewart the daughter of John  Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart who also work in the media field is an ordinary girl at the beginning. however her petal is blossom each day since her break the wall of fame when playing a role as Bella Swan in Twilight which is based on Stephan Mayer bestselling vampire romance novel same titled as the film. her acting carrier not stop even then, she playing a variety role in variety kind of movie.

despite the mixed review with some critics about her acting ability in that film, her persona still can be fell through the film which make her appearance become worldwide sensational. Robsten phenomena which born by her relationship with her beau Robert Pattinson who also her co-star in Twilight franchise make them become among the hottest couple in Hollywood. 

like her carrier, her style also grow instantly. her boyish style is trademark for daily attire choices. she often can be seen in her converse shoes even though with glamorous feminine gown. when it come to her media event she also like to mixed up her boyish trademark style with some sort of feminine side which make her look quiet unique and make her so special. her true to her style without abandon need of variety style with a little bit of girly taste make her aura and beauty become noticed by her fan and admitted by her haters around the world. 

she is the face of June's Most Beautiful.

Monday, June 18, 2012

interpretation of love

givenchy resort 2013

gothic angel going travel. assume that our angel is going to do something with wild style when they want going someplace. these mesmerizing look it awesome when be style with persona attitude. it is like the inspiration is  from a metropolitan region and it going through such memorable journey until they found something ethnic which have some value to such inspired the angel to feel with. 

geometric meets flora print raise such tribal work in this numbers. those numbers with unique an open split sleeves give an attitude for those are hungry with differences.  harem pants is the key elements while some loose dresses are suitable for angel to catch some relax style of travel. 

oscar de la renta 2013

stay true to his femininity taste of collection like his other presentation however, this numbers are more relax although some of those number are very elegant and suitable for romantic dinner. printed number are giving some mood to this collection.

there are skirts, dress, pants, blazer and those are accomplished by applique, sequin and embroidery. 

lanvin resort 2013

glamorous chic  girls is the key look for this collection. take your holiday with aura and give shoot for your travel diary. constructed and loose numbers are part of this resort. such an attempt form Elber Elbaz to playing with variety look, where there are jackets, blazer, dress, mini dress, blouse, pajamas. pants and others are included in this collection.

striped, leather and metallic are some of those interesting look can be find from the whole collection.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

altuzarra resort 2013

continuity from his last collection, tribal print had been used again in this resort number. Altuzarra offer you variety look from skirt, pants, jacket, singlet and even corset which contribute variety of attitudes. focus has been paying on structure blazer, coats and skirts which is unique to be style with. another an important element is the bold belt.  

monochrome, ground, bold and pastel become the theme colour  for the whole collection.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

my valentine

such a beautiful and significantly interpretation of love.  where it come from deep of little heart translated well by feeling expression to fulfill living hope. 

you are the one who knows what are the real feeling when you had been touched by love. the feeling that you even did not know what it means and what are the circumstances of those thing. you will never understand until vividly it make a clear statement in your connection of relation. 

love is a thing you can not lives without someone life.

Friday, June 15, 2012

marc by marc jacobs resort 2013

it is something quirky boyish thing that Marc try to come out with. wild idea come from the lively nineties dream by himself. had been translated so unique through this numbers, it will offer a variety look of street inspired style. 

strip and abstract dominant each pieces where knit, leather, denim become part of those items.  combintaion of sweater and short pants really interesting n addition of printed t-shirt. jacket, short, skirt and pants are those elements in this resort numbers. kiss scarf playing a role to give some cute feel. most of those numbes are consists of ground colour such as red, dark blue, brown and dark olive green. 

mice and rabbit mary jane and sandal shoes give some game into this collection.

marc jacobs resort 2013

rich of combination of 70-an 80-an and 90-an elements make this resort collection by Marc Jacobs full of nostalgia. it is kind of memory when we look at the skirt concept of this collection such linear, puffball, and constructed skirt. 

 the bold pop colour use in those numbers together with big scaled flower and pattern print give an attitude  to the slander dress. while there are also some bright safari jacket with oversize pocket and sequin flower pattern which added some kind of drama. there are some dress with paper doll style which bring cuteness of this numbers.

It is more interesting when it come to those quirky shoes collection. it really interesting!

art of memory

chanel resort 2013

an unique collection with unique style conducted in very interesting beautifully landscape place. Louis XVI's garden in Versailles with amazing fountain and weather in the evening has witness another craziness mind of Uncle Karl. it is interesting element where the audience venue was constructed using seventieth canopy pavilion to add the touch of Austrian-born queen Marie Antoinette era.  

Marie Antoinette meet Mademoiselle Chanel and transform into modern princess look is the key of this resort collection. the Marie Antoinette concept can be seen in the way of eighteen century jacket, expanded sleeves and transformation of the gown skirt. at the same time this collection has coupled with twenty first century of pants and skirt. the young France's royal theme collection was focusing on the key element in every Chanel collection such a skirt, pants and not forgotten the tweed jacket. tweed remain the main fabric for the collection as usual and denim was added to attract more young clients. some flora print and embroidery element used to sure that this numbers are high end as usual. 

Focusing on the young fashionista whereas the older generation is not set aside this will be a beautiful collection is people know how to carry out properly.

valentino resort 2013

like a shop of candy with full of pastel colour. it is the direction of Valentino for their resort 2013 collection. baby pink. stay true to their blood of lace which become the main focus on their resort 2013 collection. other than flower there also some leopard print has been used in this resort number.

Layer, ruffle, peplum and pleated are some of those technique added to make the whole collection more playful. 

consists of trousers, skirts, tea length skirt and A line skirt and dress all those style are suitable for kind of  summer party where some of the gown very exquisite embroidered with colourful lace on tulle will reveal  a beauty face of Hollywood star. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the little black jacket

it is an iconic item from the House of Chanel. it is a must have item for Chanel lover. it is beyond gender. like uncle Karl said this tweed jacket is a kind of invention that every designer dream about. the garment first introduce by Mademoiselle Chanel early fifties has been endlessly reinvented by Uncle Karl throughout each of his collection since 1983 just like what Uncle Karl done with Chanel 2.55. now in the modern fashion environment this little black jacket still place well in every fashionista wardrobe. 1001 style can be interpreted by this lovely number. even cutey pie could look awesome with little black jacket.

it takes a lot of hardwork  to produce a single little black jacket. no wonder it also take a lot of money. haha

to pay tribute to this special history Uncle Karl collaborate with Carine Roitfeld to photograph hundreds of stars from variety field from designer until athlete to become a part of the little black jacket moments.

wedges sneakers


 its cute right. try to imagine a pair of Isabel Marant wedges sneakers on you feet. cool!. maybe some will says it preety ugly but it is actually quiet unique when you pair it with your maxi, short or even skinny. your will look totally awesome. and please make yours a very colorful one. it may help to boost your day. haha. other than Isabel Marant wedges sneakers there a lot of choice of brand you could choose depend on your taste. remember there nothing wrong with fashion even some will say your could be a fashion victim. its totally wrong for me. everyone have their own personalty and to express it depend on your path. am i right?