Friday, June 15, 2012

chanel resort 2013

an unique collection with unique style conducted in very interesting beautifully landscape place. Louis XVI's garden in Versailles with amazing fountain and weather in the evening has witness another craziness mind of Uncle Karl. it is interesting element where the audience venue was constructed using seventieth canopy pavilion to add the touch of Austrian-born queen Marie Antoinette era.  

Marie Antoinette meet Mademoiselle Chanel and transform into modern princess look is the key of this resort collection. the Marie Antoinette concept can be seen in the way of eighteen century jacket, expanded sleeves and transformation of the gown skirt. at the same time this collection has coupled with twenty first century of pants and skirt. the young France's royal theme collection was focusing on the key element in every Chanel collection such a skirt, pants and not forgotten the tweed jacket. tweed remain the main fabric for the collection as usual and denim was added to attract more young clients. some flora print and embroidery element used to sure that this numbers are high end as usual. 

Focusing on the young fashionista whereas the older generation is not set aside this will be a beautiful collection is people know how to carry out properly.

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