Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the little black jacket

it is an iconic item from the House of Chanel. it is a must have item for Chanel lover. it is beyond gender. like uncle Karl said this tweed jacket is a kind of invention that every designer dream about. the garment first introduce by Mademoiselle Chanel early fifties has been endlessly reinvented by Uncle Karl throughout each of his collection since 1983 just like what Uncle Karl done with Chanel 2.55. now in the modern fashion environment this little black jacket still place well in every fashionista wardrobe. 1001 style can be interpreted by this lovely number. even cutey pie could look awesome with little black jacket.

it takes a lot of hardwork  to produce a single little black jacket. no wonder it also take a lot of money. haha

to pay tribute to this special history Uncle Karl collaborate with Carine Roitfeld to photograph hundreds of stars from variety field from designer until athlete to become a part of the little black jacket moments.


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